Initial Assessment of Competence – IAC

IAC_A01Preoperative assessment of a patient who is scheduled for a routine operating list [not urgent or emergency] [0-3 months]
IAC_A02Manage anaesthesia for a patient who is not intubated and is breathing spontaneously [0-3 months]
IAC_A03Administer anaesthesia for acute abdominal surgery [0-3 months]
IAC_A04Demonstrate Rapid Sequence Induction [0-3 months]
IAC_A05Recover a patient from anaesthesia [0-3 months]
IAC_D01Demonstrate functions of the anaesthetic machine [0-3 months]
IAC_D02Transfer a patient onto the operating table and position them for surgery [lateral, Lloyd Davis or lithotomy position] [0-3 months]
IAC_D03Demonstrate cardio-pulmonary resuscitation on a manikin. [0-3 months]
IAC_D04Demonstrates technique of scrubbing up and donning gown and gloves. [0-3 months]
IAC_D05Core Competencies for Pain Management – manages PCA including prescription and adjustment of machinery [0-3 months]
IAC_D06Demonstrates the routine for dealing with failed intubation on a manikin.
Examine the case-notes. Discuss how the anaesthetic plan was developed. Ask the trainee to explain their approach to pre-op preparation, choice of induction, maintenance, post op care. Select each one of the following topics and discuss the trainees understanding of the issues in context.
IAC_C01Discuss the steps taken to ensure correct identification of the patient, the operation and the side of operation
IAC_C02Discuss how the need to minimise postoperative nausea and vomiting influenced the conduct of the anaesthetic
IAC_C03Discuss how the airway was assessed and how difficult intubation can be predicted
IAC_C04Discuss how the choice of muscle relaxants and induction agents was made
IAC_C05Discuss how the trainee’s choice of post-operative analgesics was made
IAC_C06Discuss how the trainee’s choice of post-operative oxygen therapy was made
IAC_C07Discuss the problems emergency intra-abdominal surgery causes for the anaesthetist and how the trainee dealt with these
IAC_C08Discuss the routine to be followed in the case of failed intubation.