Day Surgery

Day Surgery – Core Learning Outcomes

* To gain knowledge, skills and experience of the perioperative anaesthetic care of ASA 1 and 2 patients presenting in a dedicated Day Surgery Unit involving arange surgical specialities [minimum three]
* Understand and apply agreed protocols with regard to patient selection and perioperative care of day surgery patients
* Understand the importance of minimising postoperative complications, such as nausea and pain, in patients who are returning home the same day

* Knows the criteria for patient selection and the anaesthetic requirements for day surgical patients


  • DS_BK_01 Describes the principles of preoperative assessment of patients requiring day surgery including nurse-led assessment
  • DS_BK_02 Explains the role of appropriate preoperative investigations for day surgery patients
  • DS_BK_03 Describes protocols for selection of day surgery patients including medical, surgical and social factors
  • DS_BK_04 Explains the importance of providing appropriate postoperative instructions to patients and relatives following day surgery including, but not confined to, level of care required following discharge, transport arrangements and when to drive
  • DS_BK_05 Describes anaesthetic techniques appropriate for day cases
  • DS_BK_06 Explains the potential causes of unanticipated in-patient admission following day surgery
  • DS_BK_07 Describes the pharmacology & selection of appropriate drugs for day cases
  • DS_BK_08 Describes appropriate analgesia for day cases
  • DS_BK_09 Describes strategies to reduce postoperative nausea and vomiting in day case patients
  • DS_BK_10 Explains the management & assessment of recovery of day surgery patients to street fitness


  • DS_BS_01 Demonstrates appropriate selection and preoperative assessment of day surgery patients
  • DS_BS_02 Demonstrates appropriate anaesthetic management of ASA 1 and 2 patients requiring day surgery
  • DS_BS_03 Demonstrates appropriate postoperative care of patients who have undergone day surgery including control of pain, nausea, fluid management & assessment of fitness for discharge