Transfer Medicine

Transfer medicine – Core Learning Outcomes

Learning outcomes:

* Correctly assesses the clinical status of patients and decides whether they are in a suitably stable condition to allow intra-hospital transfer [only]
* Gains understanding of the associated risks and ensures they can put all possible measures in place to minimise these risks

Core clinical learning outcomes:

* Safely manages the intra-hospital transfer of the critically ill but stable adult patient for the purposes of investigations or further treatment [breathing spontaneously or with artificial ventilation] with distant supervision


  • TF_BK_01 Explains the importance of ensuring the patient’s clinical condition is optimised and stable prior to transfer
  • TF_BK_02 Explains the risks/benefits of intra-hospital transfer
  • TF_BK_03 Recalls/describes the minimal monitoring requirements for transfer
  • TF_BK_04 Lists the equipment [and back up equipment] that is required for intra-hospital transfer
  • TF_BK_05 Outlines the physical hazards associated with intra-hospital transfer
  • TF_BK_06 Explains the problems caused by complications arising during transfer and the measures necessary to minimise and pre-empt difficulties
  • TF_BK_07 Outlines the basic principles of how the ventilators used for transfer function
  • TF_BK_08 Indicates the lines of responsibility that should be followed during transfer
  • TF_BK_09 Outlines the consent requirements and the need to brief patients in transfer situations
  • TF_BK_10 Outline the issues surrounding the carrying/recording of controlled drugs during transfer
  • TF_BK_11 Describes the importance of keeping records during transfer
  • TF_BK_12 Outlines the problem of infection and contamination risks when moving an infected patient
  • TF_BK_13 Explains how to assess and manage an uncooperative and aggressive patient during transfer
  • TF_BK_14 Understands hospital protocols governing transfer of patients between departments
  • TF_BK_15 Outlines the importance of maintaining communication, when appropriate with the patient and members of the transfer team.


  • TF_BS_01 Demonstrates the necessary organisational and communication skills to plan, manage and lead the intra- hospital transfer of a stable patient
  • TF_BS_02 Demonstrates how to set up the ventilator and confirm correct functioning prior to commencing transfer
  • TF_BS_03 Demonstrates safety in securing the tracheal tube securely prior to commencing the movement/transfer
  • TF_BS_04 Demonstrates the ability to calculate oxygen and power requirements for the journey
  • TF_BS_05 Demonstrates safety in securing patient, monitoring and therapeutics before transfer
  • TF_BS_06 Demonstrates how to check the functioning of drug delivery systemsS
  • TF_BS_07 Demonstrates appropriate choices of sedation, muscle relaxation and analgesia to maintain the patient’s clinical status during transfer
  • TF_BS_08 Demonstrates the ability to maintain monitoring of vital signs throughout transfer
  • TF_BS_09 Demonstrates the ability to maintain clinical case recording during transfer