Perioperative management of emergency patients

Perioperative management of emergency patients – Core Learning Outcomes

* Delivers safe perioperative care to adult ASA 1E and/or 2E patients requiring uncomplicated emergency surgery


  • ES_BK_01 Discusses the management of common problems encountered in patients requiring emergency surgery
  • ES_BK_01a Adopts a structured and timely approach to the recognition, assessment and stabilisation of the acutely ill patient wit disordered physiology
  • ES_BK_02 In respect of the preparation of acutely ill patients for emergency surgery:
    • * Describes the resuscitation of patient with hypovolaemia and electrolyte abnormalities
    • * Discusses how patients may be inadequately fasted and how this problem is managed
    • * Discusses the management of acute preoperative painShow detailsES_BK_03Lists the indicators of severe illness.
  • ES_BK_04 Describes Rapid Sequence Induction of Anaesthesia


  • ES_BS_01 Resuscitates acutely ill patients and identifies the need for appropriate plans for intra and postoperative care.